I am a painter based in London. My work is founded in realism with some abstract elements. I start with observation of the natural world, but as I progress it becomes also a study in colours, patterns, shapes, tone and mood as much as a rendition of a particular subject.

I had quite a varied career but I have always painted. After a degree in French and then a stint as a journalist, then law school and a career as a solicitor in the City, followed by working as a lawyer at Sky TV, I now find myself in a very different world, immersed in my work as a painter, with a special interest in portraiture. I love faces!

I work in oils, acrylics, pastels and charcoal.

Drawing for an artist is as important as, say, keeping in shape for a sportsman or woman; you have to do keep doing it regularly or you lose the skills. I have been studying the craft at different art schools for twenty years or so. I believe that as an artist you never stop learning and you never truly finish anything.

I enjoy the process as much as the end result. But there is always a danger of overworking when you get in the zone: it can be hard to know when to stop working and down tools. So many good paintings are spoilt by tinkering and fiddling on the surface, hoping to improve things. Often one’s first impulse is the best and you can lose the freshness by overworking. But that’s all part of the joy and agony of painting!